WCS Bonzini - Registration

Registration for the Bonzini WCS that will take place in Pontoise (France), from May 16 to 18, 2014, are now available through the Fast software. Please note that the competition will take place in a new location : Gymnase Les Louvrais – Boulevard de l’Europe – 95300 PONTOISE.

Various competitions will take place in the following categories: Open, Women, Juniors and Seniors.

As in previous years, the first 3 Open Singles winners as well as the winner of the Women, Juniors and Seniors Singles categories will be automatically qualified for the World Championships and will also benefit from a travel package to attend the next World Championships that will be hold in Torino - Italy in April 2015 (each package amounts to € 250 to € 800 depending on where they reside).
Besides, the first 3 Open doubles as well as the winner of the Women, Juniors and Seniors Doubles categories will be qualified too for the World Championships ONLY if they are from the same country. There is no travel package for the qualified players in double events.

Check your category

If you want to register, you have to check your category.

 Please note that the highest rank of each player will be taken into account (ITSF and FFFT rankings). Changes that take place in the rankings after today (4 weeks before this WCS) will not be taken into consideration for this event.

For double events, a player may take part in a competition in a higher category than his/her own if his/her partner is ranked in that category.

Register now

Once you find out what your rating is, contact your national federation who have to do your registration directly online via Fast.

To do the registration for this WCS:
- go to your federation’s personal page on the ITSF website and connect to FAST using your access code
- click on “Register your licensees”
- select a tournament in the “Online Registration” section, then click on "Online Registration"
- register your players by typing in their names, selecting their ranking category, the type of package and the competitions they have chosen
- click on “Register”
- make sure that your registrations have been taken into account by checking the List of players on the ITSF website

Registration for national teams are also available now on the Fast software.

Deadline for registration is FRIDAY, MAY 9TH 2014.
No registration will be considered after this date.

Each federation must pay the registration fee for its licensees before this deadline too by bank transfer : 
Iban : FR76 1470 6000 4132 5822 0500 065
Code swift : AGRIFRPP847

No registration will be validated without payment.

IMPORTANT : Registration in both Mixed Doubles and Doubles by category (Pro, Semi Pro, Rookie) are prohibited as these competitions will take place simultaneously. Similarly, Women, Senior and Junior players must choose between playing in their category (WS, WD, SS, SD) or playing in the Open events (OS, OD).


Men’s National team competitions:
- Teams are reduced from 7 to 6 players
- 6 players play S–D–S–D All matches are best of 3
- 2 time out per match (not per game). No switch of sides.
- If 2-2 : Tie in qualification and penalty in elimination. Penalty rules available on the WCS information package.

A new competition will be tested also in the WCS Bonzini in Pontoise: speedball event. It will replace the Saturday DYP. This format also called ‘’Al Volo’’ by the Italian allows to develop a new style of playing and an easier access for all to official competitions. The rules for this competition are being drafted by the Rules Commission and should be published soon.

Moreover, in order to optimize the organization of the World Championship Series and to give all players more satisfactions, the Swiss System will be tested during the OPEN DOUBLES event. It has been tested in the German Bundesliga and French championship and proved the following: the Swiss system is a non-elimination format which allows all players to play more matches against others players near your level. On top of a better and fair general ranking, this format also allowed to split players by level in the elimination rounds


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