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Colorado Foosball Doubles Final Game 1
Robert Mares/Mike Bowers vs Billy Pappas/Dan "City" Watkins Colorado State Doubles Final Game 1
Unreal Foos - Rollover/Snake tutorial
Tutorial on the Rollover/Snake Shot. Link to advanced snake shot tutorial: http://youtu.be/BQSd1XPAdWo
Lego Foosball
My son is really attracted to foosball tables, and, if I'm honest, I'd have to say I am too. I considered the idea of buying a small, tabletop unit, but I was unsure how much use it'd see. I was afraid it might become one of those things you play with for a bit, then collect dust. Once again, I see a solution in the form of Lego. I personally prefer the design and building stage, and my son enjoyed that too, but he REALLY enjoys playing with it and now insists we play a couple matches every night. While I'm not the first person to build a Lego Foosball table, it is always interesting to see other people's take on a similar idea - especially when you're constrained by whatever Lego elements you have available. I found prettier examples online, but the design I came up with is functional and fun to play. I edited the video together and again noticed it needed a background audio track. I always seem to figure this out too late. Anyway, I threw together some beats from BPM, an old ambient track from 'music for two cd players' and some vowel filter fun from FAW's Circle. Shake and bake.
Nokia N8 - Foosball Fever
Nokia N8 - Foosball Fever http://www.puntocellulare.it/notizie/21031/Nokia-N8-Foosball-Fever--Video-prreview.html
Foosball Tricks
A couple of foosball tricks me and my friend did on my Eurosoccer table. Fun to watch if you're out of inspiration or if you just like foosball.


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