Tokai Open 2023 @Aichi, Japan result

JAPAN Tokai Open 2023 Tournament

Quick Report

 The last official open tournament of 2023, with a large number of beginners participating, concluded with great success.

JAPAN TOKAI Open 2023, organized by the Japan Table Soccer Federation (JTSF), took place at 446 Boobies in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, from November 10 to 12. This event marked the second official tournament of the 2023 fiscal year, following the Kansai Open held in June. A total of 69 table soccer players, including those who participated in the Kansai Open and those making their first appearance in an official tournament this fiscal year, engaged in intense games from the pre-tournament party on November 10 to November 12. This event, recognized by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and the Asia Table Soccer Association (ATSA), was crucial as the results would be reflected in the JTSF player rankings and also contribute to the ITSF and ATSA rankings. The serious matches played by participants were filled with intensity.

The efforts of the tournament-cooperating stores and local JTSF association staff, who provided the venue, were commendable. In addition to the main competition, a Beginner Doubles event was held, attracting 24 participants from the local area, including those new to table soccer and beginners. The enthusiastic cheers of the participants added to the lively atmosphere, making it a significant event to allow beginners to directly experience the charm of table soccer and contribute to its promotion. On the day of the tournament, there were also offerings from local gourmet shops, a specialty coffee shop, and limited-time curry menus provided by local volunteers, creating an unprecedented event filled with hospitality where players could not only enjoy table soccer but also savor the local flavors.


Daisy Coffee: Fragrant coffee brewed with care

Local volunteers provided a flavorful spice curry

A bowl featuring Nagoya's iconic doteni  served by Syamojiya




Key competition results are as follows:


November 11 Open Singles (30 participants)

1st: Kento Kawanaka (Japan)

2nd: Masao Suzuki (Japan)

3rd: Yuji Inagami (Japan)


Best of 3 games/First to 5 points (Tornado)

Kento Kawanaka 2 games - Masao Suzuki 0 games

1st game: Kento Kawanaka 5 - Masao Suzuki 4

2nd game: Kento Kawanaka 5 - Masao Suzuki 0


The 1st game saw Kawanaka take an early lead with 2 points, but Suzuki quickly equalized with 2 points. After that, Kawanaka secured 2 points, including a shot from the 5-bar, reaching set point. Suzuki immediately took back 2 points, making it a game ball. Kawanaka then had a chance for the 5th shot, opting for a pull shot after attacking with roll-over shots. He successfully scored, winning the 1st game by a close margin of 5-4. In the 2nd game, Kawanaka started with a shot from the back that angled in, taking the first point. He continued to accumulate points with a front counter and another point from the back, winning the game 5-0. This victory secured his Open Singles championship.



Interview with Kento Kawanaka Open singles winner

 Although the condition of the table ball posed some challenges, I progressed smoothly from the qualifying rounds to the main event despite dropping one game. The 1st game of the final went well since I had a lead, and although the roll-over shots were being blocked, I chose a pull shot for the 5th point and successfully scored. In the 2nd game, I took the lead early on and, as my opponent was considered stronger than me, I didn't feel overly confident. Similar to the 1st game, I chose a pull shot for the winning point, securing the victory.



November 12 Open Doubles (17 teams, 34 participants)

1st: Yuji Inagami (Japan) / Duque Nicolas-Claude (Japan)

2nd: Sada Sadao (Japan) / Sada Himawari (Japan)

3rd: Kazumi Murakoshi (Japan) / Yuji Yoshida (Japan)



Best of 3 games/First to 5 points (Tornado)

Yuji Inagami / Duque Nicolas-Claude 2 games – Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari 0 games

1st game: Yuji Inagami / Duque Nicolas-Claude 5 - Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari 3

2nd game: Yuji Inagami / Duque Nicolas-Claude 5 - Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari 4


In the 1st game, Suda (Himawari) started with a pull shot, scoring 1 point to begin. Inagami then consecutively scored 3 points with roll-over shots, taking the lead. Suda (Himawari) added 1 point, bringing the score within 1 point. Later, Nicolas shot from the back, adding another point and reaching the 4th point. Suda (Himawari) responded with 1 point, but Inagami scored the 5th point, securing the 1st game. In the 2nd game, both teams struggled to score initially. After Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari took a timeout, the game resumed with points scored. Inagami scored the first point of the 2nd game, followed by an additional point. Nicolas then repeated the angle shot from the back, similar to what he did in the 1st game, scoring 3 points in total. Despite Suda (Himawari) making a straight shot to reclaim 1 point and Suda (Sadao) adding 1 point with a brush from the back, Inagami / Nicolas took another timeout. Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari took a second timeout and added 1 point after the restart, Suda Sadao / Suda Himawari caught up to a 3-3 tie. Inagami aimed for the 4th point, but his shot hit the opponent's wall, resulting in an own goal. This allowed the Suda pair to take the lead and reach set point. Inagami then scored the 4th point with a roll-over shot, bringing the score to 4-4. Inagami / Nicolas took another timeout before Inagami attempted the winning shot. The ball bounced off the wall and went into the goal, securing the victory in the 2nd game and the Open Doubles championship. The intense and closely contested match provided a thrilling conclusion to the tournament.





Interview with the Open Doubles Winning Pair, Yuji Inagami / Duque Nicolas-Claude


Nicolas provided valuable advice by watching the game from behind. We led smoothly in the 1st game, and Nicolas made a well-timed shot from the back, which was helpful. When the 2nd game became tied, there was quite a bit of pressure. However, when we accidentally scored an own goal and fell behind, it didn't affect our mental state much. Unlucky moments are part of the game, and lucky things can happen on our side too. In fact, the last winning shot was lucky, turning into our point for victory. (Inagami) Winning in the Tokai Open after the Kansai Open victory feels great. I also scored two points from the back at a crucial moment, so having a good partner like Inagami is fantastic. (Nicolas)


Other competition results:

Pro-Am Doubles: 1st - Manao Narita / Kazumi Murakoshi, 2nd - Takumi Iwata / Yoshimi Miyashita, 3rd - Himawari Suda / Tadayoshi Yamashita

Rookie Doubles: 1st - Shogo Moriyasu / Miyuki Yagi, 2nd - Shogo Miyazaki / Yoshimi Miyashita, 3rd - Hiroshi Fujiwara / Shigeyuki Yoshida

Beginner Doubles: 1st - Yui Aoyama / Aiko Tanaka, 2nd - Keito Osawa / Koshirou Kanamoto, 3rd - Kazumichi Ohno / Takumi Koike


*The tournament's highlights are available on YouTube at Tokyo Table Soccer TV (




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