Tables at World Championships

ITSF Official Competition Tables that will be used at the upcoming World Championships in Italy, on October 25-28, 2007


The result of 8 months of collaboration between the Garlando Company, the ITSF Technical Commission and the Austrian federation, the Garlando World Champion model has undergone alterations, in order to fulfil international sanctioning criteria.

The fully updated and definitive release of the new World Champion was introduced during the Garlando World Championships Series, in Tulln, Austria in July, where it met the approval of all the players taking part in the event.

Tecball and Roberto Sport

The existing Roberto Sport’s Pro Winner and Tecball’s Tournament Pro Soccer, which were finalized last year, will be used at the World Championships.

Bonzini and Tornado

Both the Bonzini and Valley-Dynamo companies are releasing new models of their ITSF Competition tables, focussing on a change of design.

Information on these will be available on our website in the next few days.