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ITSF RULES Commission

In 2005, the ITSF commissioned a working group of Federation Head Officials and Referees to consolidate several existing rule books into one universal document. The ITSF Rule Book that originated from that effort has been in effect ever since.

Given the continued expansion and growth of the ITSF player base and the addition of new Federations of international players with various playing styles, table designs, and multiple rule books, the time is past due to replace the existing rule book with one that is easier to understand, easier to translate, and can serve as the basis for creating rule books for other event types in the future.

The ITSF Rules Commission is pleased to introduce the new ITSF Rules of Table-Soccer called the Standard Matchplay Rules or SMR for short.

The SMR is organized into three main sections; Definitions, Matchplay Rules, and Penalties. The Definitions section is a list of terms that will be used throughout the rule book. Matchplay Rules describe what players must or must not do along with brief interpretations and basic penalties. The enforcement of rule infractions is located in the Penalties section.

While the SMR is intended to only replace the rules that apply to players during a game or match, the existing rule book also includes rules for tournament conduct, dress code, materials and hardware, plus rules for other events. These rules will be published in a separate document called Tournament Rules and will be made available as a supplemental document. In the meantime all rules from the existing rule book still apply.

It was the aim of the Rules Commission to release the SMR with no intentional rule changes; however, there may be cases where some rules have been clarified based upon previous rulings and how certain rules have historically been applied. We welcome any and all feedback to address cases where the rules appear to have been changed. Please send comments to Jon Doe

Tom Yore, President
ITSF Rules Commission

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