Player access to Coral at World Series by Bonzini

We are proud to announce that Coral will make its official major tournament debut at this year’s ITSF World Series by Bonzini.
Please note that this is the first time we’re testing Coral under real tournament-conditions. Several features still require adjustments and some might not be fully operational, we thank you in advance for your understanding. You will find below detailed information for the smoother running of the tournament.

What does this mean for you as a player attending the World Series?

In addition to the player stations present in the venue, you can introduce match results and view the  progress of the competitions simply by logging into Coral on your mobile phone browser.

How to log in

The web address you want to remember is: 
If you are a player registered with FFFT (the French Federation) or BFA (the British Federation) you should be using your existing Coral account.
If you are not registered to the above-mentioned federations, you can access this link to initiate your password recovery: Use the email that was provided by the person who registered you to set as a recovery account. Then check your email for a message from Coral. Make sure to also check your junk or spam folder just in case.


Access the tournament player experience

Once logged in, you’ll see a pop-up modal with the list of your upcoming tournaments. You can choose the World Series by Bonzini tournament. 
If you closed the pop-up, no worries. On your player profile, under the tournaments section, you can access World Series by Bonzini.

See your upcoming matches

Once the competitions are launched the first screen will start populating with your next matches. If one of those matches is launched you have a green indicator next to it.

Add final result to a match

Once you finished your match you can add the score by accessing the launched match and selecting the Enter final result option. Then add the score and hit save.

Or... enter live result to a match

If your match is launched, you have the option of keeping the score directly on the phone. The live-score functionality can be accessed by one of the players in the match or the tournament officials. Though it is available for all matches, this is especially important for team events.

Recall opponent

If your match is launched and your opponent is not at the table after the indicated times, you can trigger a Recall from the match’s page. A recall can be canceled by the player that issued it or by the tournament officials.

See list of the tournament’s matches and standings

The second bottom navigation tab will show you all the competitions. You have the option of viewing your matches or all matches from a competition by toggling on or off Show all matches in the top left corner.



Being the first major tournament that is going to be held in Coral, not all the functionalities we would have wanted to have are available and some small issues may arise. 

Get notified about your next matches

Push notifications on your mobile device are still something we’re actively working on to bring into Coral, but they will unfortunately not be available at this tournament. We’ll have SMS and Email notifications available that you will be able to enable.


Refresh the page

An issue when revisiting the player experience through your mobile phone’s browser, we recommend refreshing the page to ensure that all the information is up to date.
We want to assure you and everyone participating that there is a team of people moderating the software during the tournament who are constantly on the lookout for any mishaps. In the unlikely case that small issues may arise, we would like to appeal to your understanding and help in detecting and isolating these errors. At the Tournaments desk we will have people to which participants can report any problem they’re experiencing with Coral; which we’ll aim to address immediately. 
You are receiving this email because you are registered to the Bonzini WS. If you are not attending the tournament or identify any issue please contact us at