In order to achieve its objective of promoting and developing the game of table soccer, the ITSF oversees the following areas of our sport, in addition to our statutory aims:

Administration and Regulation

The ITSF conducts the administering and regulation of the game through its affiliated national associations/federations. The ITSF is responsible for the Rules of table soccer, as well as the technical specifications for tables. It also participates in the running and enforcement of an anti-doping program.

Organizing international competitions

The ITSF sanctions major international table soccer events for all age groups and for disabled people, including 5 annual World Championships Series events on the 5 ITSF official styles of tables.

In addition, the ITSF organizes the most prestigious table soccer event, the World Cup – a national team tournament that takes place every year and which incudes the World Championships.
This event is the annual culmination of the 5-continent, 60-plus-tournament ITSF Tour, where the very best table soccer players from approximately 40 countries compete for the world titles.

Developing the game

The ITSF is coordinating the development of each national member federation including the ITSF Training Centres program.

The ITSF Development Fund supports the growth of the game in “less privileged” countries in accordance with environment and human rights protection.

Promoting the sport

The ITSF represents the sport of table soccer and defends its interests in its relations with national and international sport authorities and institutions. In its relations with media and sponsors, the ITSF puts forward sports ethics and fair play

Farid Lounas
ITSF President

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