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Rating categories

There are 3 rating categories:

- Top 150 players from ITSF Open Combined Ranking
- “P4P Master/Elite” in the German rankings

Semi Pro
- Players ranked 151 to 400 in the ITSF Open Combined Ranking
- “P4P Amateure” in German rankings
- Women: Top 10 players from ITSF Ranking and female players ranked “P4P Master/Elite” in German rankings

- “P4P Neulinge” in the German rankings
- All other players who don’t belong to the above categories

Please note that the highest rank of each player will be taken into account.

Doubles partners

A player may take part in a competition in a higher category than his/her own if his/her partner is ranked in that category.

Players ranked 1 to 400 in ITSF Open Combined Ranking

Today, August 18th, 4 weeks before the start of the event, the Top 150 players of the ITSF Open Combined Ranking - which combines points from the Open Singles and Open Doubles Rankings - have been ranked in the Pro category, and players ranked 151 to 400 have been ranked in the Semi-Pro category.
Changes that take place in the rankings after this date will not be taken into consideration for this event.

Register now

Once you find out what your rating is, download your registration form, complete it and either return it to the DTFB, organizer of the event (contact information on the forms) or to your national federation who can do a group registration directly online.

To do a group registration:
- go to your federation’s personal page on the ITSF website and connect to FAST using your access code
- click on “Register your licensees”
- select a tournament in the “Online Registration” section, then click on "Online Registration"
- register your players by typing in their names, selecting their ranking category, the type of package and the competitions they have chosen
- click on “Register”
- make sure that your registrations have been taken into account by checking the List of players on the ITSF website

Deadline for registration is Monday, September 5th, 2011.
No registration will be considered after this date.

National team registration

National team registration is not available online.
Please complete the appropriate registration form for your team(s) and return it by Monday, September 5th, 2011.
Just a reminder that this year there are 3 categories in the National Teams Competition : Men’s, Women’s and Senior. All 3 teams can be registered on the same registration form.

Federations will be allowed to make changes in the list of players registered in the national teams until Tuesday, September 13th, 2011.
After this deadline, modification requests will be reviewed directly by the Sport Commission who will examine the particular reasons for the request (such as medical problems…).


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