Further decisions on 2020 ITSF season

Dear Federation Members,

Dear Partners,

Dear Friends,


Given the extraordinary situation caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic and in order to provide equal treatment for the players everywhere in the world, the ITSF Executive Committee has taken the decision to extend the suspension of the ITSF Tour until the 31th of August. The ITSF Executive Committee reserves the right to extend the suspension after the end of August according to the world’s sanitary developments.


If the local regulations allows it, the ITSF will not prevent federations to run their tournaments at a local stage, but those tournaments will not be part of the ITSF World Tour and thus will not be taken into account for the ITSF ranking and qualifying processes. However, for the common good health of all players and organisers, we highly recommend to avoid sport gathering.


The ITSF is currently discussing their particular situation with Federations Members, in order to reach appropriate adjustments of the sporting processes for the coming months. The utmost care will be observed regarding conditions of participation in international tournaments for all players, for purposes of ensuring a fair ranking. However, if this proves impossible before the end of the season, the ITSF will draw the necessary consequences.


We wish to encourage all players, federations and clubs to acknowledge the unique circumstances that we are all going through now and to continue with the efforts to preserve the good health of all.


Farid Lounas,

President of the ITSF


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