100 Foosball Tables for Schools

The International Table Soccer Federation wishes to develop and expand the daily practice of table soccer on a large scale globally. It also wishes to offer children all over the world the opportunity to enjoy playing Table Soccer.

In order to do so, and under the theme of “Inclusion, Solidarity & Practice”, the ITSF is launching a programme named « 100 Foosball Tables for Schools » in collaboration with its federation members as well as with governmental and non governmental organisations from all over the world.

In supporting the implementation of Foosball tables in schools, the ITSF wishes to  convey our sport’s values to the youngest: competition, effort, character-building, well-being and fair play.

What could be better than schools to promote our sport as a healthy form of recreation and leisure as well as to help kids to grow as being very sociable people? This programme will inspire thousands of children to take up the sport!

Hosting our next World Cup in June, the pilot country for this project is France and this "100 Foosball Tables for Schools" programme will be extended to 10 other countries really soon !

You are a Federation ? an NGO ? a company ? a manufacturer ? And you want to join us on this marvelous adventure ? Check out the requirements needed to help us build this programme together!


Structures involved in the project

Pilot countries

- France with the FFFT.

- Armenia, with the ATSF

- Argentina, with the AAJM

- India, with the FTSI

- Italy, with FIGeST

- Nepal, with NTFA

- The USA, with FCU

- Many more to come.


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