Rule 29. Dress Code:

Players who wish to compete in an ITSF sanctioned event must wear proper sporting attire and are expected to uphold the highest level of personal and professional appearance. Enforcement of the dress code is the responsibility of the Tournament Director, the Head Official and/or a member of an official ITSF Sporting Commission.

29.1 Acceptable sporting attire consists of warm-up jackets and pants, athletic shirts, sport tee shirts, polo shirts, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes. Sport caps, visors, sweatbands, and sport bandanas are also acceptable.

29.2 Prohibited attire includes clothing displaying profanity, non-athletic tank tops, denim or jeans of any kind, as well as cargo pants, cargo shorts, form-fitting Spandex or Lycra pants and shorts. Flip-flops, sandals and non-athletic shoes are also prohibited.

29.3 Players are encouraged to have the name of their country clearly displayed on their shirt and jacket. This is mandatory for the top rated players who will also be required to wear patches on their sleeves indicating their World Ranking. It is recommended but not mandatory for the player’s uniform to be in their national colors with their country’s name, flag, and sponsors logos prominently displayed.

29.4 The penalty for violating the dress code may be forfeiture of a game or match. If a player is in violation of the dress code during a match he must change into acceptable attire before play can continue and the team will be charged with delay of game (See Rule 25).


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