Rule 29. Dress Code:

Players must wear proper sporting attire and are expected to uphold the highest level of personal and professional appearance. As soon as a player competes in an official ranking game, the dress code is mandatory.

Enforcement of the dress code is the responsibility of the Tournament Director, the Head Official, ITSF International referees and/or a member of an official ITSF Sporting Commission.

29.1 Acceptable sporting attire consists of warm-up jackets and pants, athletic shirts, sport tee shirts, polo shirts, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes. Sport caps, visors, sweatbands, and sport bandanas are also acceptable.

29.2 Prohibited attire includes clothing displaying profanity, non-athletic tank tops, denim or jeans of any kind, as well as cargo pants, cargo shorts, form-fitting Spandex or Lycra pants and shorts. Flip-flops, sandals and non-athletic shoes are also prohibited.

29.3 The penalty for violating the dress code

  • For a Player: being disqualified for the rest of the day
  • For the tournament organizer: if the tournament office is not disqualifying players for violating the dress code, the ITSF tour Points can be primed from the ranking

The penalty for a tournament is assessed and enforced by the ITSF Sports Commission. The tournament can be downgraded to a lower tournament standard (for example from ITSF Masters to Pro tour).

National team players need to wear the same jersey in the national team categories.



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