Rankings have been updated with the results from past weekend's tournament Deutsch-Französische Tischfußballtage in Germany. Best three players in the Open Singles event were:

2 Antonio COPPOLA (GER)

While three top teams in Open Doubles that weekend were:

1 Giuliano BENTIVOGLIO (BEL) - Patrick FOURNIER (BEL) 35
2 Yannick CORREIA (LUX) - Nelson DA ROCHA (POR) 30
3 Leonardo STAMERRA (LUX) - Christophe DIAS (LUX) 25

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The Bulgarian Table Soccer Federation informs all players that their tournament Pro Tour Roberto Sport Challenge 2014, initially planned on June 07-09, has been postponed on June 27-29 in Sofia.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are pleased to welcome a new member inside ITSF : Foosball Filipinas Association
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You can also visit their Website HERE and Facebook HERE
We look forward to see you on ITSF World Tour !

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ITSF Congress Report N°10 : Next ITSF Congress - Malaysia 2016 !
First of all, we would like to thanks all people who came and actively participated to the ITSF International Congress. Reports which has been implemented during this 4 days proved how important it is to meet everyone involved in Table soccer. It’s been 4 days full of debates and discussions and this is the best way to improve the development of our game. So, as per now, ITSF Executive Committee has decided to held an International Congress every 2 years.

ITSF Congress Report N°9: New rules and Speed ball !
Following the ITSF Congress held in Lisbon, the Rules commission has set up a few rules modifications which will take place later this year when modifications will be finale. Only speed ball rules will be published before the first WCS of the year in Pontoise on May 16 to 18 and adjust after this test if necessary.
During the Congress, the following rules modifications has been discussed:

ITSF Congress Report N°8: Live streaming and more foosball coverage !
Following the release of the new version of the website, ITSF has made one of its priority to provide more foosball footage to the community in the coming months and years.
The main objective is to offer a platform to everyone interested in watching champions and different styles of playing table soccer around the world.


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